Virtual Transnational Meetings
22th April 2021 Riga (Latvia)

Postponed due to the COVID-19 emergency

The II meeting of the ACTE project, scheduled for 6-7th April 2020,  has been postponed due to the emergency of COVID-19.
In several Countries participating in the partnership of the project, in that period, there were restrictions and lock-down measures, so it was impossible to organize the meeting in presence.
However the partners met and updated, with an online meeting via the Zoom Platform, to continue ACTE project’s work remotely, waiting to meet face to face as soon as possible!

The following activities were carried out during the meeting of the 2nd ACTE project:

– Discussion about possible extension of the project period regarding global pandemic;

– Plan of the possible 3rd Transnational Meeting;

– Presentation of Best Practices research by each partner;

– Definition of delayed tasks;

– Creation of Graphic Layout task for E-book cover;

– Creation of Translation task for the projects website;

–  Discussion of further dissemination plan;

– Discussion of partner teamwork improvement;

– Introduction of Desk Study and its Guidelines;

– Definition of upcoming deadlines;

– Agreement on further Report Files;

– Signing participant list.